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Patience. Persistence. Progress.

Hi y’all!  I wanted to talk a little bit today about something I have been struggling with over the last week or so because I think it is a really common issue that a lot of people face throughout a journey to get into better shape.  I am feeling like I have plateaued and/or my progress has slowed.  I was really noticing a lot of positive progress and changes to my physical appearance and gains in my strength for a few months now but the last several weeks this has seemed to stall. I am bringing this up because there has been a few points where I have gotten frustrated and the thoughts of backing down from my new, healthy routines started entering my mind.  These thoughts came and went pretty quickly but they definitely stopped and made me think how easy it really is to get derailed.

Getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle is just that….a lifestyle. It isn’t a journey that has a beginning and an end as I think i have talked about before.  A lot of the time it it really cool to see your body responding well to the handwork you are putting into it but it can be equally as frustrating when those results stop coming as quickly as you would like.  This is the point I think i reached the last couple weeks.  I have been feeling like not only and I not moving forward but maybe I am even losing a bit of ground.  I think I have possibly put back on a few pounds and definitely began losing a bit of the motivation I had because of it.

Then today I went to the gym and switched up my normal workout routine a bit and left feeling really good and motivated again.  I thought about what I had done differently and realized maybe I just needed to shake things up a bit to get revitalized about this whole process.  I have been sticking to pretty much the same weekly workout routine for the last almost four months now and while that routine definitely got me great results I think it is also good to make some changes every once and a while!  I did a combination of different upper body moves today and even threw a new ab routine and this small change did wonders for me.   I also realized that I had religiously been taking pictures of myself to document my progress and I had even stopped doing that for a few weeks now.  As soon as my workout was done today I took a few shots (one is below) and compared them to ones from weeks ago and I was truly amazed how much progress I had actually been making!  Btw, I definitely recommend keeping a picture diary of yourself on your own fitness journey.  It is a great motivator but also really cool to actually see how far you have come as well as a way to hold yourself accountable!

I think the take away from all this is it is perfectly normal and to be expected that your own fitness journey will definitely hit bumps in the road.  It is all about how you mentally react to those bumps that will determine if you will get derailed or continue on and achieve your goals!  Be persistent, have patience and just keep putting one foot in front of the other and I promise you will keep seeing that progress that we are all striving for!!




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