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Listen to your body…

To say I have gotten a tad bit obsessed with this journey I am on would probably not be a stretch.  I am absolutely loving how my body is reacting to the change in my diet, drinking the shakes and my total commitment to working out.  I am seeing even better results than I could have imagined when I started out several months back and my resolve to keep striving and pushing myself even more is only growing stronger.

This all sounds like I am doing things right, huh?  Well yes and no.  I had to learn a tough lesson about a week ago when my body finally pushed back.  Rewinding to about two months ago, I was in the gym toward the end of a tricep workout when I was doing a cable pull-down and heard and felt a loud pop in my left wrist.  The pain was pretty instantaneous so I stopped the exercise and decided this was probably a good time to pack it in for the day.  I went home, iced my wrist a bit, took some Advil and really didn’t think too much of it.  That night, about 3am I woke up in a lot of pain.  The Advil had apparently worn off and the pain in my wrist was enough to wake me up and keep me awake pretty much for the rest of the night.  The next couple days I could barely move my arm without pretty severe pain shooting through it but because I am more than a little stubborn (I’m a Capricorn after-all) I figured it was nothing I couldn’t fix on my own with the tried and true R.I.C.E. approach.  About 3-4 days later the pain had lessened enough that and I figured as long as I was careful I was in the clear and resumed light weight training again.

I wasn’t able to put any weight on the affected wrist, meaning push-ups, shoulder press and generally any other exercise that caused me to bear weight on it wasn’t happening, but I was able to adjust enough that I was still getting in solid workouts.  Well about a week ago I figured enough time had passed (2 months approximately) that I was going to go back to doing push-ups and burpees.  Not meant to be.  My very first push-up landed me right back in trouble with shooting pain just as severe as when the initial injury happened.  Mostly out of frustration, I caved and called my doctor who referred me to an orthopedist.  One x-ray, and 2 MRI’s later I have a torn tendon and am wearing a super fashionable, black wrist brace (pictured below) and am on a high dose of an anti-inflammatory for the next several weeks.

The lesson here:  if you think something is wrong, don’t ignore it!  I should have gone in as soon as it happened and my recovery time and severity of the tear probably would have been a lot better.  My body was sending me signals in the form of pain and I ignored it because I didn’t want there to be a problem.  Not a good technique in the long run.

Everyone go easy on your bodies….they are capable of incredible things but also require care and attention.  If you are sore and pushed it too much one day or one week…take it easy on yourself the next.  Let your body heal and repair itself so you can keep making those incredible strides toward total health and wellness.





10 thoughts on “Listen to your body…”

  1. Pisces, here! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing yourself on yours. I enjoyed this post and the importance of listening to our bodies. They are our greatest teachers. These days mine says, “I’m showing up. Now, work me out with care and attention. Focus on how and why you are doing the exercise, not simply ‘What'”

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  2. Ouch, very nasty, sounded painful. Yes listening to our bodies is definitely the way to go. I hope you recover soon. My husband is a Fitness Instructor so I hear all about the importance of rest!

    Thanks for taking the time to like my post by the way, I really appreciate that 💜

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