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Weekend Warrior(ing)…

TGIF all my beautiful people out there!  If you all are anything like me, this time of the week, Friday afternoonish, is one of  my favorite points in the whole week.  The entire weekend lays before us and after working hard all week I am soooo ready to take it easy.  That being said, the weekends for me don’t mean a pass to go crazy and throw my healthy lifestyle out the window completely.  Honestly, I am too Type Aish to really even  do that now that I have committed to this new way of life where I am putting my health and wellbeing first. I’m loving the way I feel, the way my body is responding, and I don’t want to throw that all way because I push aside my new healthier habits each weekend.

I use the weekends in kind of a two fold type of way.  First, I usually allow myself my one big cheat meal of the week on Friday nights.  Most likely this involves my favorite, tacos and margaritas, or sometimes a cauliflower pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. This meal usually holds me over for the week so I don’t feel completely deprived and can let loose a bit on the healthy eating constraints.  The flip side to this easing up on my diet on Fridays is I usually use the weekends to get in longer workouts.  The weekends for me provide a great opportunity to get a good, solid workout in without having to feel rushed like I normally do during the week. When the weather is nice, I try to get some physical activity in outside like hiking, bike riding or even just taking longer walks with my puppies.  I combine these activities with weight training in the gym and I usually am looking at a few hours of being really active before I even know it!

The weekends also offer me a great chance to switch my workout routine up from the normal quick, rushed workouts I usually do before or after work during the week. It is so important to keep your workouts fresh and interesting or you run the risk of getting bored with them, eventually plateauing and then possibly quitting altogether.  The weekends are also usually the time I incorporate my longer cardio workouts in.  While I have been focusing more on gaining muscle and strength through weight training, a few times a week I still do cardio sessions along with the HIIT workouts I spoke of in a previous post. Cardio is so important to do for overall health you guys!   Truthfully, I usually don’t love those long treadmill or elliptical workouts, but even if you just add 15-20 more minutes onto a workout session you are burning quite a bit more calories than you would even think!  So when you get the chance to sneak in a few extra moments, do it!  For me, I have the time to do this on Saturday and Sunday and I jump at it so I know it’s done for the week.

See below for a few tips I try to keep in mind over the weekends.  These are things that have really helped me stay on track and I hope will help you too!


Now everyone go enjoy your Friday and the rest of the weekend!



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