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ABsolutley my favorite moves…

Happy Monday y’all! It was a hot one today so I stayed in my nice cool living room and did a 30 minute workout plus a short ab routine. Below are some of my go-to abs moves that I incorporate a few times a week. Let me know if this is helpful!



4 thoughts on “ABsolutley my favorite moves…”

  1. Hey love your posts. What time is the best for you to work out? I recently started working out and eating healthy, and so far I hate it lol. I’m cranky, sore and sober . Advice?

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    1. Hahaha I can relate to all those feelings! Getting started is the hardest part.! But the good news is since you have already started, the worst is behind you. I find that if I can sneak in a workout in the morning it is the best. I try to get my 30 minutes in before I have to go to work. It starts the day off right for me, I know I already have it done and it really does give me energy to get the day going. Hope this helps and feel free to reach out any time! Keep up the great work!!!


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