Why I’m NOT on a health kick…

Why I’m NOT on a health kick…

I’m in fact now living a healthy LIFESTYLE.  There is a big and important difference in those two phrases to me.

Over the holiday this past week (Happy Birthday America!!) I met up with some friends to watch the fireworks.  One of my friends who I had not see in a while commented that after seeing some of my social media posts he could tell I was on a health kick now.  For some reason that statement really stuck with me.  I have been thinking about it ever since and the more I do, the more it bothers me.  It doesn’t bother me that he pointed it out or made mention of it, but I think it bothered me because being on a health kick seems so temporary and I have really made up my mind (more than I may have even realized) to make this a permanent way of life.

Of course, he could not have know that, and was not at all trying to be offensive but I realized after he said it how fiercely protective I am of my new lifestyle.  There was something about the way he said it that seem like I would be giving up on it eventually and I think that’s why I was bothered.  Although I walked away from that conversation a little irked, I also took away from it a really strong sense of satisfaction that I had mentally made such a commitment to myself and my health!

There have definitely been other points in my life I told myself I was going to get in shape and finally get the body I really wanted but those apparently were actual health kicks because they never lasted all that long.  This time it feels completely different and I am so thankful!!  I can’t exactly tell you what the difference between this time and the other times is but I think it has to do with me changing both my diet and and workout routine up instead of just one or the other.

When I started on this journey at the beginning of the year I could not have imagined what a difference it was going to make in soooo many parts of my life.  I was hoping to shed a couple extra pounds I had put on and maybe increase my energy levels but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine how many things would improve for me just seven short months later.  And what’s even crazier is it does not at all feel like a chore to me or something I have to make time for, but rather it is something I look forward to now and want to make time for.  I wake up every day excited to be on this journey and even more excited about where it will take me next.

A great example of this is that I have signed up for my first actual 5k race due to take place this Saturday! Y’all, I haven’t run an actual race in years!! It has honestly probably been since high school when I ran cross country that I ran a straight 5ker.  I wouldn’t have even attempted it up until now but I am feeling so healthy and have been slowly getting my stamina back I thought why not do it!?  I am ultra-competitive (probably too much so!) so running in an actual event is so exciting for me and something again I haven’t felt fit enough to do it years!  I know I won’t even be close to the fastest person out there this weekend but this is really about doing it for myself and competing against myself.  I am eager to make this the first of many races I sign up for and complete and hopefully I will only continue to get stronger and faster!

This new, healthier lifestyle I am living has been the best gift I could have ever given myself.  It has improved my physical health, my mental health, increased my self-confidence by a boat load and even just made waking up each day a little more exciting because I have something I am working hard at and seeing results on a daily basis with.  I can look at myself in the mirror now and genuinely feel proud of the person looking back at me. I am still and will probably always be a work in progress but I am having so much fun putting in the work I honestly am happy there is no end to this journey.

Oh and pics of the 5k this weekend to come!!





15 thoughts on “Why I’m NOT on a health kick…

  1. Health kick? Pffft…It’s like the term “weight loss”…If I losing it, there is a chance that I may find it again! LOL. Remember that fitness…no, wellness is a journey and at times, you may be by yourself in the journey or your influence may intimidate others. Keep moving forward! Congratulations on the upcoming run…remember you are the only one you have to compete against…do your best! 🙂


  2. Good luck this weekend!
    I had a similar experience when shopping with a friend after losing the last of the weight I wanted to. She suggested I buy a size bigger for when “I go back to normal”. It so bugged me!! And thankfully two years later, I still haven’t gone back to “normal”. This is my normal now and will be for the rest of my life!

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  3. Saw you stumbled into my reflections on injections and thought I’d return the favor and take a look at yours. Good things to decide to do, taking of oneself. I figured it out after a stroke and brain bleed which kinda forced the decision on me. Am close to 10 years into my little restoration project and just keep taking things one day at a time. Continued good health and happiness to you! Arnie

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