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My first 5k is in the books….

and it was a HUGE SUCCESS!  Well it was a success in the sense that we all finished, got our medals and had a blast along the way!  And really for my first 5k in many, many years that qualifies as a success right?!

This past Saturday I ran the Nike 5K Color Run in downtown Washington, D.C. with 3 of my work colleagues/friends.  Not one of us had run a 5k in a very long time but we all sort of decided it was time to get back in to shape and have some fun along the way.  This run seemed like a perfect way to ease back into the world of running races because it was an un-timed, mostly just for fun sort of event.  We did time ourselves and as a team we all crossed the finish line in about 34 minutes.  Not terrible for a bunch of almost 40 year olds who really haven’t been doing the best job prioritizing our health and wellness over the past several years!

Since having turned over this new leaf in my own life where I am really paying so much more attention to my own health and fitness needs, I can’t help but look at those around me in my little circle and want to drag them along with me on this journey!  I am well aware that sometimes it probably gets annoying (as sensed by the eye rolls) for those people who I constantly ask to workout with me, or go out to eat to a salad place instead of a steakhouse but I promise I am coming from a good place and just want to share this incredible feeling I have gotten from my own progress with everyone around me!  This weekend I sort of feel like I accomplished just that!

While there was some opposition to getting up so early on a Saturday morning to get to the race, and some dirty looks mid way through when the leg cramps and fatigue started to set in, by the time we all got to the finish line everyone had a big smile on their bright red faces and I think we all really felt a sense of accomplishment.  We had a blast at the after-race party and by the time we got back into the car to head home every one of us was already talking about which race we could sign up for next.

For me personally, running the actual race went a lot better than I thought it would!  While I had started to incorporate treadmill running into my weekly workouts when I signed up for this race, I certainly hadn’t made it much more than about 3.5 to 4 miles more than a handful of times leading up to Saturday.  What I found was I actually was able to jog/run the entire time and wasn’t even too winded.  There was a point close to the end where I started feeling a little nauseous (and I think that was more due to the heat than anything) but for the most part I felt really good the entire way!  I even got to the end and thought hey I could keep going!   I felt healthy, strong and I wasn’t even sore the next day! #winning 🙂

All in all, we all had a ton of fun, got colorful, and completed our goal!  Currently, on the hunt for the next race so stay tuned and enjoy the pics below from Saturday!




11 thoughts on “My first 5k is in the books….”

  1. Congratulations! Keep it up! Surround yourself with people who make you better. If people don’t want to go out and have a salad with you or workout with you, then it’s their loss!

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