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Going into each workout with a plan….

for me is the most effective and efficient way to get results.  If I visualize the workout I want to do each day before I even think about putting my workout clothes on, I tend to use my time more wisely….and lets be honest, who isn’t strapped for time these days!?!

I actually just started this new program that I am SUPER excited about called LIIFT4 which is a pretty intense combo of strength training and HIIT routines, so the next 8 weeks of my workout life is pretty much planned out for me, but when I am not following a pre-planned program I mentally and with the help of my monthly planner, map out exactly how I am going to use my time in the gym each day.

I am one of those sorta dorky Type A people who still really enjoys using an actual paper calendar to plan out my weeks and stay organized.  I have one that I use specifically for my workouts/goals (its called the Happy Planner and it’s so much fun if anyone is in the market for one).  I started doing this a few months back when I realized I needed to keep track of the muscle groups I was working each day so I could make sure I was consistently hitting all of them equally.  Knowing what I was going to work out each day then allowed me to visualize exactly what exercises I was going to do to target that muscle group and in what order I was planning on doing them.  This planning only really takes me a few minutes a day but saves so much time once I get into the gym.  I actually visualize myself going through the routine so once I am in the gym I am really on autopilot and all I have left is to focus on is the actual moves themselves.

Like I mentioned earlier, those few moments of planing also really allow me to make sure I am mixing up my routine enough so as not to overuse any one part of my body.  Overuse is a killer to your the fitness journey because it can lead to injury and ultimately stall the momentum and progress you’re making.  I also didn’t want to have huge quads and small little biceps because I did too many leg days routines and not enough upper body workouts!  Like everyone else out there I am sure, I have so many other things to keep track of on a daily basis that being organized when it came to my workouts simply became a necessity for me both from a time-saving perspective and from a best-practices standpoint.

Even now that I am following this new 8 week plan, I’m still using my calendar to track the workouts I have coming up each week, when the rest days are going to occur, and the progress I am making with my stamina and conditioning.  This new routine is pretty cool in that it is an 8 week program that includes 4 workouts a week with 3 rest days in between.  The workouts themselves are only about 30-40 minutes each but are very intense and really work to tone specific muscle groups with each phase.  I am on Day 2 so stay tuned for progress pics along the way!  Also, if anyone wants to try this workout and see what I’m talking about let me know…I can send you a link with a free 30 minute workout!

day 2P.S. While I thought I was in pretty good shape at this point, Day 1 and Day 2 kicked my butt! This was both a little surprising as well as super motivating because I am more than ready to put the work in to continue getting the results I want!  Progress not perfection!  Bring it on, Day 3…Day 3 is a rest day :)!!







4 thoughts on “Going into each workout with a plan….”

  1. Haha…go girl

    I just started a hiit 28 day pgm too.
    Based around football players pre season training.
    But i like to play around with other workouts in between.
    Depending on whats aching the next day… :0)

    But always after starting the day with a good coffee n my diary n pencil.

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  2. Are there any 30 day plans you would recommend for someone who is completely new to fitness and working out? Exercising regularly has always been difficult for me, whether its because of lack of motivation or being too insecure to go to the gym…

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    1. Hi Gem! Yes I can definitely recommend a few that have worked for me. So I stumbled across Beachbody a few months back because I was having trouble finding the time to make it to the gym each day along with the other million things we all have to do! So far I have done the 21 day fix program and just started the new 8 week program, LIFFT4 last week which I am in love with! I have lost about ten pounds with the workouts so far which average about 30 minutes a day right from your living room. They also have a diet plan you can follow if you like as well. If you want more info let me know and I can send you a link to try the new program (for free)! I like these because of the flexibility mostly. You really are able to lose weight and never have to go to the gym. Hope this helps! Reach out any time!


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