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A lot of small changes add up….

and before you know it big results are staring back at you!  At least this has been my experience as I have been reflecting back on this 10 month journey I have been on.  I have talked about crash diets and short cuts and how I don’t believe that is the way to go about achieving your fitness and health goals before but I wanted to talk a bit today about what HAS worked for me.

For me, the biggest transformations I have experienced on this journey have come from making pretty small changes in my day-to-day life.  Aside from actually deciding to start on this journey, which was probably the biggest decision I made, what has come after that have been a series of really small lifestyle changes that when combined together have added up to pretty life-changing results.  I know there are probably people out there who will be skeptical as to just how much one person’s life could change so drastically from one year to the next just by implementing small changes but it really has happened to me.  Heck, I probably would be one of those skeptics had I not actually experienced this myself but I am really not exaggerating this when I tell you I almost feel like I have become a whole new person in the last ten months.

A few of the small changes I made pretty early on were:

  • Cutting out fast food
  • Making sure to eat breakfast – I have a Shake every morning now to get my metabolism going and keep the cravings at bay!
  • Started taking a multi-vitamin
  • Cutting out soda
  • Upped my water intake 
  • Made a promise to myself that I would get 30 minutes of exercise is in 5 days a week

These were the changes I started off making in the first few months of my fitness journey.  I knew from experience that if I went into this new lifestyle with an all -or- nothing extremist sort of mindset I would be setting myself up for failure.  I also knew that making small changes would require me to be patient at first but eventually would pay off in the form of sustainable new habits. Not only did this happen, but I established these new healthier habits rather quickly because they were small, easy to implement actions I was taking.   Being less restrictive with yourself in the beginning, is in my opinion the best way to ease yourself into a new lifestyle that will stick.

The key to all of this you guys is to MAKE CHANGES YOU CAN LIVE WITH…AKA SUSTAIN!  Of all the things I have learned along the way, this is probably the most important thing to keep in mind after you decide you want to live a healthier life.  The thinking behind this is that you don’t want to dramatically effect your quality of life by making radial, unmanageable changes at first.   If your quality of life is compromised you will not be able to or more importantly want to maintain the new lifestyle you have set out to achieve.  You want to set your self up for success so that you stay motivated and keep knocking down your goals at each step of the way!

I am happy to report that to this day, almost a full ten months later, I have not had any fast food, or soda (don’t even crave it anymore), have been diligent about taking my multi-vitamin as well as drinking a shake daily which makes getting proper nutrition a breeze, and I have fallen in love with working out to where I actually look forward to doing it at least 5 days a week!  The small changes I made in the beginning have also allowed me a foundation that I have since built on to where I am now conquering goals that I didn’t even think possible this time last year.  I am running races, and lifting weights and seeing my body transform in ways that weren’t even on my radar when I started on this journey.

Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s journey is different.  For me, I knew I could make the few small changes I mentioned above successfully.  Pick a few things or even just one thing that you think you can successfully alter, stick with it in the beginning and go from there.  Being successful at the small things helped to motivate me to keep going rather than trying to change something big, failing and ultimately quitting altogether.  Losing weight, getting leaner, and/or just being healthier overall doesn’t have to be overly complicated or disruptive to your lifestyle.  You will be amazed at how by just implementing one or two new healthy habits you can really impact your life for the better!  As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions for me or want more info on how I got started and the changes I have made since!




16 thoughts on “A lot of small changes add up….”

    1. Aww really you just have to stick with it even when you don’t see any progress….I promise you your making gains! For me, I found a program that I could do from home that I LOVE which makes working out easier and less time consuming. That really has helped me because it takes away the excuses for me not to workout lol! Just stick with it….and find a program that works for you! Let me know if I can help!!

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  1. Fan tas tic! Keep up the good work.

    I do yoga every day – at least half and hour a day – plus i take yoga classes 2 days a week.

    And I do dog walking and regular walking to get those steps in. Hovering around 8000 steps a day, I am.

    Blessings to you – you’re an inspiration.

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  2. I’ve been doing this for about a month and a half now. What a difference! I had a physical done about two weeks ago and when my doctor checked me, she couldn’t believe how much better my blood test came out. Everything came back better, my enzymes, minerals, hormones, vitamins, etc.

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  3. these are all so helpful!!!! I know when I up my water intake it helps me snack less AND drink less caffeine! I’m trying so hard to do the 30-min a day of exercise 5 days a week thing…it’s challenging but it definitely delivers results!!

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    1. Glad it was useful! Yeah water is great to keep you feeling full and of course being hydrated is super important! I had trouble with the 30 minutes at first too with such a busy world we live in! That’s how I ended up doing the at-home workouts which are super easy to do either before or after work for me. I still hit the gym usually on the weekends just to mix it up! Variety for me is also key so I don’t get bored! Thanks for reading!! 🙂


  4. Hello Beth:
    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my recipe.
    I read your about page and looked over your blog. I agree that small changes that you can live with pay off. I did not have trouble maintaining my weight until after I was 50. I started making small changes like drinking more water, getting enough sleep and eating breakfast. My husband encouraged me to add weight training to my exercise routine so I could build muscle to up my metabolism. I did. It made me feel more energetic. I did not see any results for about a year, but I kept going. Then just this last month all of a sudden I have been dropping 2 pounds a week. So exciting.
    I am dropping the weight without going on a diet. I am 58 now and am getting results. I hope this encourages other people.

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    1. That’s awesome Kamini! That is really inspiring and great to hear. I swear by weight training now and definitley try to pass my enthusiasm for it along to other people, especially women. Keep up the great work and thank you for reading and commenting! Keep me posted as your journey progresses!

      -Beth 💜

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