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Another passion close to my heart – PLEASE READ! Adopt Don’t Shop: Why it Matters — By The Vegan Homesteader

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘adopt don’t shop’ at some point in your life. It’s a stand alone statement that many feel requires no further explanation. The implication is that adopting an animal is clearly a good thing, but shopping for one through a breeder is not good or ethically neutral, but is in fact […]

via Adopt Don’t Shop: Why it Matters — The Vegan Homesteader


14 thoughts on “Another passion close to my heart – PLEASE READ! Adopt Don’t Shop: Why it Matters — By The Vegan Homesteader”

  1. We have adopted all our dogs, and one cat, from the local Humane’s Society and they have added joy to our lives. Our recent adoption is a 7 yr old Chihuahua mix who was bred for profit and they used her until she could breed no more. She was depressed and despondent when we got her but after a year of love she has blossomed into such a happy dog. Love goes a long way!

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    1. Aww I love this! My younger chihuhua resuce, Frankie, came from a really abusive home and it took him about 6 or so months to trust us but now he is as happy as he can be which makes my heart happy every day! Thanks so much for reading and sharing your story! 🙂


  2. 🙂 Sometimes they just find you. We had a cat for a half hour today. It sneaked into the house as we left for a walk. Our adopted dog was shocked to find a hissing cat in the entry when we returned, but all ended well.

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  3. Earlier this year, we got a rescue cat from the animal shelter. He was a stray for 2 years and was found wandering the busy streets. This cat is super friendly and loving. He’s also cuddling with me as I type this! He also thinks he’s a dog and greets me at the front door! ♥️

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