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Hi guys!  Happy FriYAY!  Take a look below for links and an intro from a really great blogger, Hope!  She has a wonderful page you should all check out at with really yummy recipes and some great tips for new moms.  Enjoy!

Vegetable feta quinoa salad:

Meal planning:

My name is Hope and I started as a creative outlet to share my love of cooking and also as my experience as a new mother. I like to focus on EASY meals that are QUICK in my recipes. Feel free to also check out my motherhood content if that interests you!

My meal planning post encompasses easy tricks to help everyone create a simple game plan in planning meals for the week. Meal planning is time well spent and makes preparing food and cooking more efficient and enjoyable. I’ve wasted SO much less produce now that I plan out what I make and am never stressed about what to make!

The recipe for Vegetable Feta Quinoa Salad that is included is a healthy and light salad that can be made exactly as described or substitute with other vegetables that are in the fridge. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the posts and my blog! Follow if you like the content so you can stay up to date on the latest posts.

Thank you to Beth for hosting me and keep up the great work! Beth, you are an inspiration to continue to be mindful in all areas of life!

❤ Happy cooking everyone! 


Feel free to look me up on Instagram and Facebook as well at nonstopmomlife.



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  1. love your fitness goals keep following them. we should become friends and keep in touch because, you seem really awesome and nice. Love your blog huge fan and will be forever.

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