About Me

Hi y’all!  I just wanted to take a quick second and introduce myself so you knew the person behind the words and why I was here…:)

My name is Beth and I started this blog because about a year ago I realized I had lost myself.  I wasn’t eating right, barely exercising and was generally uncomfortable in my own skin.  I was letting both my physical and mental health slip and the consequences of that had seeped into just about every part of my life. My self-confidence dropped, I realized I was avoiding mirrors at all costs, I was only comfortable wearing baggy clothes and my anxiety was through the roof!  It wasn’t until I went to the doctor and had to get on a scale though that I realized the extent that I had let myself go.

That was the day I decided enough was enough.  This person I had become wasn’t truly me and I desperately wanted “me” back.  I knew exactly how I had ended where I was.  No surprise it was due to too much fast food, only hitting the gym once a month or so and putting in twelve to fourteen hour days at work on a regular basis. I had convinced myself that I didn’t have time to workout or grab anything other than a meal from a drive thru window.  Also, I am not 25 years old anymore. UGH.  I am in my late 30’s and as hard as it is to accept sometimes my metabolism just isn’t as quick as it used to be.

Just as I knew what had landed me all the extra pounds I also knew what it would take to not only shed them but keep them off as well.  I had to change my diet and find a way to workout on a consistent basis.  This blog documents my journey from flab to fab! I found a great workout program and life-changing superfood shakes that have gotten me the results you will see below: 


I also realized a few months into this journey that there were probably people out there struggling with the very same things I was.  I hope by sharing my experiences, what works for me, what hasn’t worked so well, that I might be able to make it a little easier for someone else out there who is also trying to find themselves again.  Just like me, this site is a work in progress so I would welcome any and all feedback and/or tips you might have!  My hope is together we can all start living our best lives and prioritizing our physical and mental well-being!