Barre Blend

Defy Your Limits. Define Your Body.

There is so much I want to tell you about this program, I am almost bursting at the seams, but to sum it up, I AM OBSESSED!

Barre Blend has quickly become my favorite program I have done so far for so many reasons. I loved it so much the first time around as soon as I completed it once, I jumped right back in and started it again! YES….it’s that good!!

Not only is Barre Blend an amazing, low-impact workout that has given me unbelievable results, but more than that it’s a program all about EMPOWERMENT! Elise Joan, the creator and BOD supertrainer, developed this program to of course kick our butts into shape (and oh boy is there a lot of amazing booty work!) but also to motivate us to live our best lives away from the barre as well. I feel equally physically and mentally amazing every time I show up, press play and complete another one of her heart-pounding, dance-inspired workouts!

So what is the actual program about (other than being totally amazing!!!)?

Well it’s:

  • 8 weeks of progressively more challenging, high-energy, full body workouts filmed in real time!
  • 5 Workouts & 2 Rest Days per week. Each week the workouts include:
    • Full Body Blend
    • Booty Blend
    • Cardio Blend
    • Core Blend
    • Lean Leg Blend
  • Combo of classic Barre moves combined with light weight training to sculpt a lean but strong body!
  • No ballet experience needed! I am not, nor even been, a dancer but I am having a blast jumping around my living room like a prima ballerina (of course I don’t look like one but that’s ok…I am in my own living room!). Also no actual barre needed…I just use one of my kitchen chairs!

You guys, seriously, click here to TRY THIS PROGRAM today!! You will not be able to stop smiling even while sweating and shaping your entire body with small, low-impact movements. Even better, click the link below for a FREE 14-Day Trial so you can experience a full two weeks of Barre Blend (or any other program on the platform for that matter)!

Just me, becoming a ballerina at 40! πŸ™‚


I don’t say this lightly, Barre Blend changed my life and I know it would yours too!