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I can’t say enough good things about it this program y’all!  I actually love it is so much I have completed it three times now!!  This was the first full program I attempted from my home and I have to admit I was more than skeptical going into it.  I, like a lot of people out there, was extremely doubtful that I could get any kind of meaningful results working out from my living room.  But this is one time I am happy to admit I was completely wrong!  See my before and after pictures below!  I leaned out, gained muscle, definitely got stronger and actually looked forward to coming home from work and pressing play!  I wouldn’t recommend anything on this site I didn’t truly believe in or I hadn’t actually tried.  I did every single workout of this program and like I mentioned before have since gone back and completed it again an again just upping my weight each time around!!

The program is challenging, motivating and most importantly really easy to follow and here’s why:

  • 4 workouts a week
  • 3 WHOLE rest days each week
  • Only about 30-35 minutes a day
  • Easy to follow nutrition guide
  • No two workouts are the same
  • You can drink wine and eat cookies 🙂

If you guys want more info on this program or any of the others ones I do just let me know or click on the link below for more info on LIIFT4 in particular.  At the bottom of the page after you click on the link is a FREE sample workout.  Give it a shot and see what it’s all about!!

Click here for all the details on LIIFT4!