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My Favorite Gluten-Free Products

I was diagnosed with a boat load of food allergies about ten years ago. I mean a whole slew of them….wheat, oats, nuts, soy, barely, malt just to name a few.  The one that changed my life the most, however, was probably my allergy to wheat.  Being allergic to something like wheat wipes out a… Continue reading My Favorite Gluten-Free Products

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Portion Control: Know When to Say “When”

Any phrase with the word “control” in it automatically doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be much fun and honestly I don’t want to lie to you, what I am about to talk about here really isn’t all that “fun” per se. It is, however, super important and something I think gets overlooked way too often… Continue reading Portion Control: Know When to Say “When”

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Superfoods… goal for the rest of this year and 2019 is to eat more of them!!  Food has been on my mind a lot recently (probably with the holidays being here and all) and as I mentioned in a previous post I am really in love with the fitness program I have settled on but… Continue reading Superfoods…

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Food for thought….

and there is soooo much to think about!  This post is sort of a follow up to my last post which touched on navigating all the different workout programs out there to find the one best suited for your body type and fitness goals.  In writing that one, I suddenly  began thinking about how much… Continue reading Food for thought….