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Hold yourself accountable….

Because, well you owe it to YOURSELF!  One of the biggest revelations I have had since starting this health and wellness journey  is that I need to be kinder, gentler and more appreciative of my body.  Our bodies are really incredible machines that do so much for us on a constant basis that it is… Continue reading Hold yourself accountable….

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Listen to your body…

To say I have gotten a tad bit obsessed with this journey I am on would probably not be a stretch.  I am absolutely loving how my body is reacting to the change in my diet, drinking the shakes and my total commitment to working out.  I am seeing even better results than I could… Continue reading Listen to your body…

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The Start….

So I am relatively new to this but I decided to start this blog because about 3 months ago I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  First of all my name is Beth and I am 38 years old.  This is me to the left....HI! Shortly after my 38th birthday, I realized… Continue reading The Start….