Morning Meltdown 100


Start Everyday Strong!

So first of all Super Trainer Jerricho Matthews is total #bodygoals as far as I am concerned so when I saw she was putting out another program I was beyond excited!  Morning Meltdown 100 is exactly what is sounds like….100 workouts that are designed to be crushed first thing in the morning.  This program fit right into my new routine of working out in the morning and the best part is none of the workouts are more than 30 minutes long, so you can knock it out first thing and set an amazing tone for the whole day!   Of course you don’t have to do these workouts in the morning if you don’t want, they are great any time of the day!  Some more fun facts about the 6th program I am currently working:

  • Each workout is set to a live DJ (DJ Jessie!!) so the tone is fun, fast and super effective!
  • 100 workouts, broken down into 5 Phases which progress in toughness!  There is always a modifier (which I have had to use a few times) to get you through it while still getting amazing results!
  • All the workouts are between 20-30 minutes so they fit super easily into your morning routine or any part of your day!
  • The workouts are high-intensity cardio and resistance training designed to build strength and melt away fat!

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