Check out the workouts that are getting my butt in shape!  If you have any questions about any of them or want more info just let me know!  If you would like to try these workouts FREE for 30 days follow the link below and choose either of the first two membership options. You will get the first 30 days free and if you don’t like it just cancel it at no charge (but I can almost guarantee you will!).  There are 700+ workouts you can stream from anywhere so there really is something for everyone.  If you need help navigating the workouts and finding the ones that might be right for you, just let me know and we can do it together! 🙂

You guys these programs have really changed my life.  The workouts have gotten me in the best shape of my life (at almost 40 years old!) and in conjunction with the shakes and pre & post workout nutrition have also gotten me healthier than I have ever been.  I love that I can do them from my living room because it takes all the excuses about going back out to the gym after I get home out of the equation.  I also love it because it takes all the guess work out of getting fit.  I don’t have to come up with routines on my own or try to figure out if I am doing moves correctly.  All I have to do it show up and press play!  

Check out the link below for more info or to try them out: