Hammer and Chisel

Stabilization. Strength. Power.

This is the 5th program I have complete you guys and wow was this a totally different (badass) kinda workout than the previous 4 I have done! If you want muscles, you want to press play immediately on Hammer and Chisel! I choose this program for that very reason…I wanted something that was going to really work on carving away more at the muscles I had first developed while completing the LIIFT4 program. LIIFT4 got me hooked on strength training and Hammer and Chisel took it to the next level!

To break it down a bit further, here is some more info on this program:

  • 60 Workouts over 8 Weeks
  • Power lifting Inspired Combinations
  • Each workout is only 30-40 Minutes in length! – My fave part! πŸ™‚
  • Nutrition Plan Included! Easy-to-follow meals and snacks designed to help you lean out, sculpt and/or build muscle
  • Innovative Resistance Training Program with Modifiers to help you through each move

Check out my progress pics below!

Before Hammer and Chisel and After Hammer and Chisel

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You guys, these programs really have changed my life. I 100% believe in them and actually use them. I would not recommend anything I didn’t actually do so give them a try if you are ready to change your life just like I did!